Pantone – Autumn 2016

The Pantone company are predictors, and in some ways dictators, of all things colour, including fashion, home, interiors, and graphics. Annually they issue a ‘Colour The Year’ in 2016, it is a blend of two colours – Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rose Quartz, is predictably a soft pink colour not dissimilar to that of the semi-precious Rose Quartz stone. Serenity, is also hinted in its name, with a soft blue colour that you can image is the colour of a cloudless sky whilst relaxing on a white-sand beach.

In Autumn and Spring they also release a Fashion Colour Report, which is often showcased at NYFW and then filters through to our fashion houses. As we are running the opposite seasons to the Northern Hemisphere we have often seen these colour trends in magazines and online before they reach us, but it doesn’t detract from being able to experience these colours when shopping.

They are also an indicator of what we can expect to see on-course over the coming season, especially on the cat walks.

This Autumn you can look forward to seeing (L to R);
Airy Blue
Aurora Red
Warm Taupe
Dusty Cedar
Lush Meadow
Spicy Mustard
Potter’s Clay

Pantone Fall

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these colours and which one is your favourite.

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