Summer Concert Tour 2017

This weekend my son and I headed off to Taupo, to hang out with friends, and to attend the Greenstone Entertainment Summer Concert. This year the artists were Bonnie Tyler, Alan Parsons Live Project, and Icehouse.

It was a great drive, with lots of loud singing, and enjoying the beautiful New Zealand countryside. I took a diversion and ended up on the southern end of the lake so as we drove around the right hand side we caught glimpses of the beautiful jewel coloured lake. Just stunning!

The next day was the concert and I was lucky to attend with some friends well experienced of the event and I was, mostly, prepared for the heat. It was stinking hot. It felt great to have such amazing sun given the poor summer we have experienced in New Plymouth so far.

The concert itself was incredible. Bonnie kicked off the show and she was entertaining, and humorous, and she belted out new songs, covers, and her classics with her incredible distinctive voice and it was magic. Alan Parsons Live Project was a trip back to the 70’s for me, all the words came flooding back, and the layers of sound they produced live served to reinforce that you really can’t capture that in a recording. Iva Davies and Icehouse finished the show with hit after hit after hit. The hours flew by and it was a fabulous day!

Sunday saw our mini-break come to an end as the new school term called for my son, and work beckoned with upcoming race days and events.

All in all a great way to end January!


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