EnergyCode | Science Meets Tech

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the latest Wella hair care range, System Professional’s EnergyCode, at Key Lime Pie Hair Culture.

Using science as a platform, they have developed a range of products that are prescribed in a way not dissimilar to the skin care recommendations from your beauty therapy professional.

The app-based diagnosis takes you through a series of questions which take into consideration the existing condition of your hair, length, environmental factors, and current hair care routine. You are then given your unique EnergyCode which correlates to a range of hair products which are touted as making your hair feel reborn after as little as five uses.

EnergyCode App

With some 174 million combinations it most certainly does feel like you have a personalised prescriptive treatment.

There are 4 Pillars of the product architecture

Derma | Balance, purify
Fibra | Colour save, repair, Luxeoil, solar
Forma | Hydrate, volumize, smoothen
Extra | High performance, salon exclusive

EnergyCode Four Pillars

My EnergyCode C1 + V3 + H5  +  L5

C1| Colour Save Shampoo | Colour Liminosity Protection
Result | Color safe cleansing

As my colour washes out easily this product should help the colour to hold for longer

V3 | Volumize Mask | Hair Fibre Reinforcer
Result | More volume and stability of structure

This mask should deliver more volume without weighing down my hair

H5 | Hydrate Quenching Mist | 5-Second Hydro-Finish
Result | Silkyness and easier combing

With dry ends due to using a hairdryer and straighteners (almost) everyday, this mist should repair existing and prevent further damage.

L5 | Luxeoil | Keratin Boost Essence
Result| Improved resistance and strength

Designed to give my hair the ultimate strengthening boost it needs

All of these products were used on my hair last night, and it felt and looked amazing. It was so soft and silky, did not feel heavy, and had great volume. By far the majority of comments from the other ladies in attendance was that it looked very shiny. I certainly felt like the colour was more vibrant, and my hair looked healthy as if it had been freshly cut.

I purchased the C1, and was given samples of the V3, as I am finishing bottles of my other salon-only hair products (waste not, want not).

It’s recommended to have your EnergyCode done every 3 months or when you are finishing products to ensure that as your hair improves your EnergyCode does too!


Want to find your EnergyCode? Visit the System Professional website.

images 1&2 source image 3 source

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