Be Winter Race Day Ready

Are you keen to partake in the excitement of Pukekura Raceway’s key winter race meeting, the Opunake Cup, but don’t have the time to find the perfect indoor winter outfit? Don’t despair; the solution may be closer than you think. An existing dress can be easily transformed into race ready fabulous with the addition of some simple accessories.

A Gorgeous Cape or Capelet | Capes are still one of the coolest cover-ups on the catwalk, and there seems to be a caped look to suit almost everyone’s fashion style. If you can’t find what you want instore or on-line, then a simple cape is actually pretty easy to whip up on the sewing machine…or better still get someone to make one for you.

Winter Race Day Capelet

A Beautiful Lace Top | These are an easy on-trend way to transform a simple dress into something really elegant. There are plenty of options both in-store and on-line and there are lots of colours, styles and price points to choose from.

Winter Race Day Lace Top

Lush Faux Fur | It’s a classic addition to winter race wear for a very good reason…it works! Either raid your grandmother’s closet for the real deal or invest in some faux fur of your own.

Winter Race Day Faux Fur

Leather Gloves | Whilst not essential they are a wonderful way to elevate an outfit from ‘every day’ to ‘race ready’, and in winter they can give your outfit a figurative (and literal) sense of ‘warmth’. Styles range from driving/half palm gloves, wrist gloves or elbow length. Gloves can be a little harder to find in-store but has a great range on-line.

Winter Race Day Gloves

Fabulous Millinery | Finishing the look with some beautiful millinery really does elevate your outfit…and I’m not biased! Winter race meets are a wonderful time to enjoy headwear that is unsuited to other times of the year, such as those made out of wool and felt. However if the budget doesn’t extend to one season pieces then look to trans-seasonal items such as those that are made from leather or densely woven straws to finish your look.
Winter Race Day Millinery.jpg

A huge Thank You to Maree Tong, of Maree Tong Millinery for being our very first guest blogger. We love her ideas and suggestions for Winter race wear. Let us know which ones you use.

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