Royal Ascot 2017

The pageantry and majesty of Royal Ascot was upon us this week, and with it it brings traditional pomp and ceremony, thrilling horse racing, excitement, entertainment, and, of course, fabulous race day fashion.

The Style Blog Royal Ascot Collage

There are so many gorgeous outfits, hats, and accessories, it’s a feast for the eyes!

The Style Blog Royal Ascot Hats Accessories

What the Royals wear is always a highlight, with bookies taking bets on what colour the Queen will wear. With strict dress codes in some areas, and a tradition of outrageous hats, there is plenty of fashion eye candy throughout the five days.

Choosing a favourite outfit is almost impossible, especially given the hundreds of people who attend and the incredible effort that is put into the racewear during the five days.

This year one outfit stood out almost immediately, and it has proven to be popular with several publications as well as on the Ascot Racecourse Facebook page. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a stunning outfit, so well put together, and encapsulates racewear to a tee.

The Style Blog Royal Ascot Charlotte Hamilton
I absolutely LOVE the colour, the whole outfit is coordinated without being matchy matchy, the feathers are gorgeous, and her hat is simply stunning!

Expect to see plenty of blush on racecourses across New Zealand this spring and summer.


images credit Ascot Racecourse Facebook except
Charlotte Hamilton & friend credit Telegraph Newspaper

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