Six Weeks Until Ladies Day

Six Weeks

Some people countdown to Christmas, but for the stalwarts of Ladies Day who have attended the event over the last five years, the countdown is on!

For me, the preparation starts when the racing calendar is confirmed and we find out the date of the event. Because I work on Saturdays, I have to get that annual leave locked in – I don’t take many weekends off, but Ladies Day is unmissable for me.

Next, I have to assemble my squad, my girl gang, my like-minded ladies, my wonder women, my sisters from other misters. It’s a great excuse to get the gang together. These days I book a table and the seats sell themselves – it gets better every year.

When the date and theme are announced, I start scoping out my wardrobe to see what I already have that might work and start keeping my eyes peeled for a bargain. This year’s gem has set me back just $20, now I just need to lock down accessories.

I did not grow up with a penchant for glamour, so I am somewhat of a late bloomer when it comes to make up, and one thing I have learned over the last few years is how much difference a great make up artist can make for my confidence. I know its shallow and my worth is not defined by my eyebrows, but I feel like a million bucks with a well made up face. Hair and make up professionals: locked in. It’s once a year, and I deserve it.

However, beauty comes from within and while trying to be a nice person helps, I also make sure I’m really diligent about taking my supplements in the lead up to Ladies Day. It is amazing what a difference it makes for my hair and nails. Plus, I try and prioritise sleep and hydration: all the make up in the world can’t make up for a bit of self care.

Round about now I also start scoping out the racing pages in the paper, keeping an eye on the Trackwork page on the Pukekura Raceway website and eavesdropping on any race horse related gossip. Arriving at Ladies Day is a bit of sensory overload with the champagne and the goodie bag and the amazing outfits, so it’s good to do a bit of research beforehand.

Six weeks, ladies. See you there.


Thanks for the gorgeous Bridget Roper for being our guest blogger

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