Ladies Day for Beginners

Skin Juice Ladies Day is a fabulous event which takes place as part of Taranaki Racing’s Xtreme Race Day. Xtreme Race Day is a feature race day, including both New Zealand’s longest (3,210m) and shortest (990m) flat races.

Your tickets for Ladies Day include a wrist band, which you must have on when you enter Pukekura Raceway. Admission to the racecourse is included in your ticket. Be prepared to have your bags and clutches inspected, like any event with large numbers of people, they take health and safety pretty seriously. It’s a long day, so pre-loading is a bad idea, not least of which because you risk not being let in, or being denied service at the bar. Admission to the racecourse starts from 11:30am, but the Ladies Lounge does not open until 12 noon. You can choose if you want to follow the path to the left, and walk in front of the grandstand and through the La Mer Lounge to the stairs at the back up to our home for the day Scottish Charm Lounge, or follow the path to the right and head directly for the back of the members stand. You’ll find plenty of people to point your way. Don’t worry about the stairs: once you’re in Scottish Charm everything you need for a great day is right there – loos, betting facilities, a two course buffet lunch and a bar.

There will be a number of other events occurring on this race day, so if you have questions, special dietary requirements or need clarification with anything, get in touch with Sonya ASAP – she is flat out on the day.

Cash is king on race days: you can get cash out from the race day office, but it’s best to swing by an ATM on the way. Don’t forget to keep enough for that taxi home after.

When you get to the Ladies Lounge you’ll be offered a glass of Daniel Le Brun methode. The Ladies Lounge is all reserved seating, so scout around for your table and take a seat. I always snaffle my goodie bag and write my name on it, heaven forbid it gets mixed up with someone elses! On your table you’ll find race books and pens. The first race is at 12:38pm, so you’ll want to start thinking about who you’ll back and decide if you want to join the Punters Club – it’s a great way to share in some of the excitement. There will also be your drink tickets: there is table service at this event, so just catch the eye of one of the wait staff and you’ll be sorted.

There are 8 races scheduled – in between each race there will be lucky draws for pamper services. It gets loud as the day goes on, but you don’t want to miss your name being called out, so try and keep it down when announcements are being made.

A buffet lunch will be set up in the room and you’ll be invited up to eat in tables. Wait staff will take your plates away when you are finished.

Entertainment this year comes in the form of Campbell Vibe, an amazing one man band. I predict there will be some day time dancing – this guy really knows how to get a crowd up. Don’t worry racing fans – he will only play between races and after the races are complete, not during!

Pukekura Raceway offers free wifi via Primo Wireless, so you’ll be able to share the love! #skinjuiceladiesday #selfies #bffs #girlgang #squadgoals – you get the picture.


Bridget Roper is a five year veteran of Ladies Day, racehorse owner, racing enthusiast, and Taranaki socialite.

Ladies Day is Saturday 30 September 2017
Tickets to the event can be secured by emailing



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