The Kiss of a Strawberry

There’s something very indulgent about drinking a cocktail. Even more indulgent than a glass of Champagne, in most instances.

Cocktails are made with premium ingredients, often from recipes that are decades old, some with a modern or seasonal twist.

Strawberry Kiss Arborio Restaurant

The creation of a cocktail can be masterful and artistic, a bartender with flair can turn the act into performance art, with a final flourish as they deliver the much anticipated drink to your table, it’s quiet ceremonial.

There is something about the delivery and setting down of a cocktail glass in front of you that should make you draw your breath in, as your eyes drink in the artistic piece in front of you.

When that cocktail comes in two glasses, one the body of the beverage, and the other it’s complement, it adds another element of excitement.

Do you drink one then the other, or alternate sips between the two, or do you pour the complement into the body? That is the delightful dilemma you face when the Strawberry Kiss from Arborio Terrace Bar is presented to you.

Arborio Terrace Bar

The Strawberry Kiss comprises of vodka, strawberry liquer, lime juice, and a scoop of house-made strawberry sorbet, and a mint leaf garnish served in a coup, accompanied by prosecco served in vintage crystal glassware.

The ingredients in the coup alone make a beautiful drink, when you add sparkling wine, it adds another element and complexity to the drink.

Arborio Restaurant, Cafe & Terrace Bar

I chose to take a sip from each glass first, to savour their individual tastes, and then flooded the coup with the prosecco. The result? A delicious glass of strawberry bliss!

A ritual of delight!

Arborio Restaurant, Cafe, & Terrace Bar
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images used with the permission of Arborio Restaurant, Cafe, and Terrace Bar. This is not a paid or sponsored post. Opinion are our own.


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